AQAP 2110

Products established for the ensuring of a state defence are highly specialised by their character. With the entrance of the Slovak Republic to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) there is products quality assurance supplied for the needs of arm forces managed by the standardisation agreement NATO STANAG 4107 " Mutual acceptance of government quality assurance and usage of the allied quality assurance publications" in accordance with the Act. No. 11/2004 Coll. on defence standardisation, co-ordination and government quality assurance and the allied quality assurance publications of contract pattern AQAP. The Defence Standardisation Codification and Government Quality Assurance Authority establishes government quality assurance of products assessed for army.

AQAP 2110 – NATO Quality Assurance Requests for Design, Development and Production contains requirements of NATO for quality, which are adequate realised; they provide assurance to abilities of organisation to supply a product, which responds to requirements signed in a customer contract.

The organisation declares the assurance of quality management system requirements by certification according to AQAP 2110.



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