ISO 27001:2005

ISO/IEC 27001 specifies requirements for the establishment, implementation, monitoring and review, maintenance and improvement of a management system - an overall management and control framework - for managing an organization's information security risks. It does not mandate specific information security controls but stops at the level of the management system. It is a set of 'best practices' controls - management and systems - that enables you and your organisation demonstrate 'best practices' are implemented and 'continually' improved. The ISO/IEC 27002 2005 standard consists of recommended information security practices.

With ISO 27001 certification from Vital Certifications, you can show your clients and partners the level of security and quality of your IT-based business processes. Vital Certifications has the expertise to certify information security management systems in accordance with ISO 27001.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification
Competitive advantage - increasingly organisations you do business with will want to know how safe your IT systems are.

Demonstrating your capability - you will be able to make a public statement of capability without revealing your security processes.

Minimising risk - ensures controls are in place to reduce the risk of security threats and to avoid system weaknesses being exploited.

Compliance with legislation - compliance provides a process whereby existing and potential legislation is identified.
Globally recognised standard
Potential reduction in insurance premiums
Security becomes an integral part of business processes



Amar D R Singhani Managing Director Temasme Vesselex India Pvt. Ltd.Vital gave us the perfect guidance for our ISO 9001 Certification process, Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi was very helpful to our entire team and he gave us the proper suggestions and solutions for our problems relating to ISO and because of their systematic approach we were able to achieve our certification on time."

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