ISO 9001:2008

The ISO 9000 family of standards is a guideline on good quality management practices. This standard consists of standards and guidelines relating to quality management systems and related supporting standards.

ISO 9001:2008 is the latest development in this series. It was published on 14th November 2008. ISO 9001 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 176, Quality management and quality assurance, Subcommittee SC 2, Quality systems. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition (ISO 9001:2000), which has been amended to clarify points in the text and to enhance compatibility with ISO 14001:2004.

This standard that provides a set of standardized requirements for a quality management system, regardless of activities of the organization, its size, or whether it is in the private, or public sector. It is the only standard in ISO 9000 family against which an organization can be certified.

The adoption of a quality management system should be a strategic decision of an organization. The design and implementation of an organization's quality management system is influenced by:

- organizations' environment, changes in that environment, and the risks associated with that
- its varying needs,
- its objectives,
- the products or services it provides,
- the processes it implements,
- its size and organizational structure

It is not the intent of this International Standard to imply uniformity in the structure of quality management systems or uniformity of documentation. The quality management system requirements specified in this International Standard are complementary to requirements for products or services of the organization.

Benefits of ISO 9001:

It helps the organization:
- to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.
- to function effectively
- to manage the resources effectively
- to continually improve the processes
- to increase competitiveness of organization
- to benefit in tenders
- to increase acceptance in overseas (exports)

  • Requirements of ISO 9001:2008 :

    This International Standard specifies requirements for a quality management system for an organization where an organization:

    a) needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product /services that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
    b) aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


    All requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Standard are generic and are intended to be applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size and product/services provided by the organization.



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