ISO/PAS 17712

ISO/PAS 17712 establishes uniform procedures for the classification, acceptance, and withdrawal of acceptance of mechanical freight container seals. It provides a single source of information on mechanical seals which are acceptable for securing freight containers in international commerce. ISO/PAS 17712:2003 is not applicable to special-purpose seals, such as fibre-optic and sophisticated electronic seals.

ISO 17712 addresses all types of security seals usable on maritime containers. Since many other industries use the same seals, members of those industries also may choose to adopt ISO 17712. 

Compliance with ISO 17712 requires independent confirmation in three areas:

- Physical testing to determine a seal's classification for physical strength.
- Process auditing of supplier security-related business processes.
- Physical testing that earns a "Pass" grade for evidence of tampering.



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