Data, Research & Analytics

Vital Consulting is a leading organization providing market research & surveys, market analytics, and information data management. As a top data analysis company, we also provide master data management and data analytics. A leader in financial risk management.

Data research and analytics is a key functionality of industry leaders worldwide. The information apply captured, and insightfully managed becomes power for the corporation seeking the inside track to move ahead. For example, retail market research analysis can greatly assist with buyer trend awareness. A web marketing strategy based on solid market data research will help your investment be focused on results. 

The team of data analytics experts at Vital Consulting have become invaluable for retail market research, and to professionals who place a premium on knowledge process activities. 

Some examples of how our clients have used our analytics information:

Retail Market Research Consumer Trends Market Data Research Economic Demographic Profiles
Retail Market Research Business Image Market Data Research Capital Spending
Retail Market Research Consumer Ecommerce Trends Market Data Research Infrastructure Aging Analysis
Retail Market Research Demographic Analysis Market Data Research Market Share

Manufacturing analysis and associated research has broad application throughout multiple industries. Understanding specific metrics affords manufacturers a competitive advantage. Vital Consulting has significant experience in the manufacturing arena and has provided manufacturing analysis across a spectrum of subjects including;

Manufacturing Analysis and Research Supply Chain
Manufacturing Analysis and Research Production Automation
Manufacturing Analysis and Research Logistics
Manufacturing Analysis and Research Government Compliance
Manufacturing Analysis and Research Buyer Identification
Manufacturing Analysis and Research Marketing Analysis

We will present you with the business market data research and analytical insight you need for statistical strategy and business forecasts. Our data talent pool will work with your team to determine expected deliverables, which might include case studies, current market trends and evaluation, marketing intelligence and product reviews. 



Amar D R Singhani Managing Director Temasme Vesselex India Pvt. Ltd.Vital gave us the perfect guidance for our ISO 9001 Certification process, Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi was very helpful to our entire team and he gave us the proper suggestions and solutions for our problems relating to ISO and because of their systematic approach we were able to achieve our certification on time."

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