Ethical Business Compliance

The 'Ethical Business Compliance' is our initiative for companies committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. This initiative is for businesses committed to continuous improvement of the ethical performance of their supply chains.

There are many similar initiatives (certification/approvals) worldwide. These standards are not subject to accreditation by any of National Accreditation Bodies,  therefore it was felt more appropriate for Vital Certifications to develop its own scheme to match or exceed the requirements of these social standards.  

Whilst the Vital Certifications scheme 'EBC' is not accredited, Vital Certifications does not apply any lower level criteria for the selection of competent auditors and / or specialists. Therefore the integrity of the scheme is assured.  We provide an 'EBC' approval certificate after auditing a business against following criteria:-

- Child labour
- Forced labour
- working conditions
- Working house
- Proper remuneration
- No discrimination
- Disciplinary actions
- Freedom of association of workers
- Right to bargain on salary
- Management commitment 

Benefits of EBC Certification

- Enhanced business image
- Compliance to national & international labour laws
- Increased awareness about social responsibilities
- Satisfied buyer



Amar D R Singhani Managing Director Temasme Vesselex India Pvt. Ltd.Vital gave us the perfect guidance for our ISO 9001 Certification process, Mr. Rakesh Dwivedi was very helpful to our entire team and he gave us the proper suggestions and solutions for our problems relating to ISO and because of their systematic approach we were able to achieve our certification on time."

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