GHP Compliance

'Hygiene Verified' approval scheme For companies that do not have internal processes for independently measuring and managing good hygiene practices, CDG has pioneered a global hygiene audit system - the 'Hygiene Verified' approval scheme. 'Hygiene Verified' is a global, independent scheme for food & pharmaceutical businesses focused on delivering measurable improvements in food safety operating standards, good hygiene practices and complying with national and international food hygiene regulations.

The Hygiene Monitored program can be useful for following industries:-

- Hotels;
- Restaurants and catering;
- Quick service restaurants;
- Food retail stores ;
- Convenience stores.
- Pharmaceutical manufacturing units

Benefits of 'Hygiene Verified' approval scheme

- Compliance with law
- Reduced consumer complaints
- Consumer satisfaction
- Enhanced reputation
- And for those involved in production, good working condition

Poor hygiene can cause

- Consumer complaints
- Injury to our consumers
- Illnesses, e.g. food poisoning
- Unwillingness by the consumer to purchase again
- Bad publicity
- Loss of reputation and business



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